Our Products

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Our Construction Loan Control System is a fully automated loan management system.

Features include:

  • Detailed Budget Control
  • Detailed Accruals and Billing
  • Security/Risk Management
  • Payment to Subcontractors
  • Unit and Phase Control
  • Flexible Terms, Pricing, and Payment Plans
  • Participation Tracking/Syndications
  • Year End Reporting
  • Interest Reserve
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Detailed Payment Application and Controls
  • Charge-Offs and Recoveries
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Our newest product, XT, works in conjunction with CLCS to supply data to borrowers and inspectors in real-time, eliminating the need to contact the lending institution and allowing for faster turnaround of transactions.

  • Comprehensive view of borrower’s loan and overall portfolio
  • Borrowers can input their own draw request
  • API with CLCS
  • Easy account access
  • Inspection in the field


Platforms include:

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General Ledger Systems

Loan Origination

We can also assist you with custom APIs to seamlessly integrate even the most complicated of systems.

Benefits of CLCS

Detailed Budget/Line Item Control

  • Easily manage income and expenditure
  • Control inspections, documents, commitments, and retention

Interest Reserve Accounting

  • Automatic interest reserve payments
  • Interest reserve remaining reports

Payment Application

Pay interest, principal, late charges, fees, escrows via check, wire, DDA, ACH, other

Payment to Subcontractors

  • Pay and track subcontractor invoices
  • Create 1099 e-filing; year end reporting available

Flexible Billing/Accrual

  • Interest only
  • Principal & interest
  • Interest + principal
  • Fee & escrow billing
  • Participation billing/accrual
  • 1098 E-filing and year end reporting available

Charge-Offs and Recoveries

Full non-performing accounting and shadow accounting


  • Easily manage both construction and term loans on one platform
  • SQL reporting

Borrowing Base

Full borrowing base tracking, reporting and billing

At Data Select Systems, we also seek to improve the experience of the borrower.
By using CLCS in conjunction with XT, borrowers can expect quicker turn around on loan funding upon approval and 24/7 access to their loan details in real time.
Gain a competitive advantage and better customer satisfaction with CLCS + XT.